Site Work

Site WorkFrost Excavating provides full service site work including recommendations for placement of your home, septic system, well, grading plan and landscaping. A start to finish process is proposed for actual site work from tree clearing and stump removal to basement excavation, utility installations, drainage work, foundation, finish grading, seeding and landscaping.


Septic Systems

We provide residential and commercial installation of new septic systems of all types, including Conventional, Wisconsin Mound, Raised Bed, Shallow Raised Bed, Pressurized Trench Systems, Pressurized Mound Systems, Geo-Membrane Systems and hook-ups to municipal sewer lines.


Septic Repairs

We can evaluate your existing septic system and estimate the remaining useful life span, with revitalization and replacement recommendations, including complete replacement of systems and tanks that have exceeded their life span or failed.


Drainage and De-Watering

Frost Excavating can rectify wet basements by eliminating the base cause of elevated water tables, loss of integrity of foundation walls and improper grading. Proper drainage is achieved by eliminating the water prior to it reaching your basement. Surface wet spots can be eliminated with sub-surface drainage and regrading.


Land Clearing

We employ a full range of equipment for land clearing including shears, chippers, grapples and excavators sufficient to complete all land clearing requirements.


Other Services

  • Foundation repairs
  • Boulder landscaping
  • Water feature and pond installation for water supply and recreation
  • Dry hydrants for fire departments
  • Concrete removal and disposal
  • Residential demolition and disposal
  • Passive Radon Mitigation Systems
  • Geo-Thermal Heat Transfer Systems

Our Fleet

Our fleet includes multiple bulldozers, rubber tired loaders, trac loaders, excavators, power rakes, tree shears, tree mowers, root rakes and whole tree chippers.

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